Refresh. Unwind. Revive. Experience the soothing effect of the primordial element of water during your journey to tranquility. From rippling, to sparkling or peacefully quiet.

The moist heat of this steam bath stimulates your blood circulation and opens your pores, the ideal preparation for a relaxing body treatment afterwards. The accompanying essential oils transport you in your mind to an ancient Eastern bathhouse.

Temperature 42°C
Opens pores

Our tropical steam bath takes you on a wonderful journey through the South. Breathe in the smell and feeling of that blissful idleness and feel every form of stress disappear from your body.

Temperature 42°C
Humidity 85%
Free breathing
Opens pores

Lovingly selected scents transport you to the grandeur of sun-drenched holiday moments.
The moist air in this tropical steam bath gives you wonderful free breathing.

It opens your pores and is therefore the ideal warm-up for a luxurious scrub session that will take you even further: just think of grains of sand from the island of Bora-Bora with a hint of myrtle and sweet orange.

What is a spa without blissfully bubbling jacuzzis? The massaging jets of water in our two professional jacuzzis stimulate pressure points in your body that invite your muscles to relax.

Stimulate pressure points
Idyllic panorama
Crackling fire

The first jacuzzi is recessed into the sloping garden of The White Oak. Come and cocoon in our panorama jacuzzi with a breathtaking view over an idyllic piece of courtyard. While you are relaxing, you look out on a multi-stemmed currant tree: in the spring with a white cloud of budding blossoms, in

You will discover our second jacuzzi on the roof terrace. There you can enjoy the wonderful massaging water next to a crackling fire in the middle of a cozy green roof garden.

Give your circulation and immunity an impressive boost in our exchange bath. Alternately step into the hot and cold bath to trigger your blood vessels to open and narrow again. You will literally feel the renewed energy pumping through your body.

Immunity boost
Trigger blood vessels
Renewed energy
Relieve muscle & joint pain

In the meantime, watch and listen to the soothing rhythm of the beautiful waterfall that surrounds you, the plants that surround you and the many points of light that meet you from the green. Enjoy the invigorating cold water effect as you become one with nature for a while.

In the Alps, thermal baths have been a proven way to literally tackle chronic conditions for more than 150 years. Think of reducing muscle and joint pain, improving free breathing and stimulating your blood circulation.

After a sauna visit, immerse yourself briefly and vigorously in one of our ice cubes or ice-cold plunge pools. With a complete sauna experience, it is not only wonderful to experience healing heat, but cooling down afterwards is just as important to reset your body.

Ice cold
Reset body
Penetrating effect on blood vessels

For a total experience, it is best to take a short shower after each sauna visit and then step into a plunge pool.

The ice-cold water has such a penetrating effect on your blood vessels that it gives you an unparalleled feeling.

Relax while you float in our indoor and outdoor pool. The open-air part of our swimming pool is oriented Southwest so that you can enjoy every ray of sunshine. Our ergonomically contoured bench in the pool invites you to relax and sunbathe. This is the perfect place to fully enjoy a relaxing outdoor pool.

contoured seat
own spring water
minerals such as silicon

The bath water in our indoor and outdoor pool comes from our own well. Our water source is at such a depth that it contains important minerals such as silicon.

This mineral has been known for generations for its restorative effect on the skin.


Let the tranquility flow through your body under our many indoor and outdoor showers. Or become one with nature thanks to one of our unique experience showers

Don't be misled by its name: the 'waterfall shower' is not just a shower, but a real experience space. You walk into a soundproof room, step down a few steps and then you come across a wall where several meters wide water plunges down. The impact of the waterfall effect on your skin is heavenly: the water jets provide an instant massaging effect.

Soundproof room
Massaging effect
Meters wide waterfall

When you stand in this waterfall room, you look out through a large window on a stylish patio with plants.

The plants all refer to water, which gives this experiential space an additional dimension.

Follow – literally – the illuminated path to our Aquamoon. As soon as you get in the shower, the lights of the path go out and only the plants inside are subtly illuminated. This individual experience shower will refresh you with fog, rain, a collar of water around your head, ... with which stress will spontaneously slide off you.

Experience shower
Healing effect
Soothing sounds
Smell of fog

Not only the water has a healing effect. The soothing sounds, the smell of the mist, the plants that surround you, ... provide a total experience where you imagine yourself in the tropics under an open-air shower.

At the end of the Aquamoon experience, the walking path lights up automatically so that you can continue your journey at The White Oak.


Take a breather, close your eyes or chat softly. The White Oak has various rest areas, including quiet areas, so that we can guarantee you peace of mind.

Close to the changing pools you will find our quiet area 'Sleep'. Take a seat in your individual cocoon next to characteristic birch trunks and dream away for a while.

Quiet room
Individual cocoon
Rest undisturbed
Maximum 6 people

Our quiet areas such as 'Sleep' and 'Snooze' are for those who want to get some sleep. In this space you can leave all earthly worries behind you undisturbed and make room for rest.
With a maximum of six people, we can fully monitor your sleep quality in this rest room.

Close to the breathtaking waterfall shower you can relax in our 'Snooze' area. With a huge window with a fireplace in front of it, you look straight out. This is the perfect resting place to immerse yourself in a book.

Quiet room
Salt stone wall
Relaxing view

But there is more: this space has a special salt stone wall full of minerals. These salt stones from the Himalayas are known for their healing properties.

In our quiet rooms such as 'Snooze' and 'Sleep' you can read a book or doze off for a while. It is as quiet as a mouse. No sound, nor sound. Just pure zen.

Between your spa and sauna moments, retreat to the 'Chill' zone on our roof terrace. This room has a large fireplace that immediately creates a cozy atmosphere.

Whisper room
Cocoon baskets
Abundance of plants

Take a seat in one of the hanging wicker cocoon baskets. Thanks to the dark colours, subtle light bars and profusion of plants, this is your ideal go-to place between all spa and sauna experiences.

Order a drink at the tropical bar and have a chat or enjoy the view in silence in your cozy dangling cocoon.

In the middle of this special space you will find two large fireplaces. There are sunbeds on both sides on which you can stretch out. The sleek interior and the wonderful beds ensure that you can easily leave all the stimuli behind you.

Whisper room
Two fireplaces
Lovely beds


In addition to the breathtaking tranquility, we pay a lot of attention to smells, sounds and aesthetics in our saunas. We are happy to guide our guests through the various sauna experiences.

Our two outdoor saunas each have a fixed temperature. We have a sauna at 85° and our warmest sauna at 100°. The latter is located near the icy plunge pool.

Temperature85 | 100°C
Warmest sauna
Build resistance

You can enjoy a wonderful zen moment in our outdoor saunas. A healthy blood flow opens your pores, which cleanses your skin and reduces built-up muscle tension.

Make sure you spend as much time on warming up as you do on cooling your body, this is the only way you build up a strong resistance.

Train your vascular muscles through regular sauna visits. Especially when you slowly work up to higher temperatures, your blood vessels open and your blood pressure drops. Go for a total experience and attend one of our infusion sessions. The mix of water and essential oils gives your body intense heat waves and that ultimate zen feeling.

Temperature 65 | 75 | 85 | 90°C
Infusion sessions
Intense heat waves

At The White Oak you will find different saunas, each with a fixed temperature. Do you want to build up your sauna experience calmly? Then our 65° sauna is the perfect starting point for your journey to tranquility. You can also enjoy the mild sauna at 75°. The 85° sauna is perfect for the regular o

Work your way up to higher temperatures, such as the 90° sauna, to train your vascular muscles extra. Do you want to calmly build up your sauna experience? Then start on a bench at the bottom of the sauna, where it is slightly cooler than on the top seats. Be sure to take a seat on a lower bench jus

Our infrared sauna will be the first sauna on your path. This heat radiation cabin ensures that your muscles and joints relax. A soothing therapy for those who suffer from chronic muscle pain, back, skin or breathing problems.

Lower temperature
Muscles & joints
Healing effect

The short waves of infrared radiation have a healing effect on your skin, muscles and joints. The rays penetrate directly into your body where they do beneficial work.

As a result, the temperature of this cabin is a lot lower than in a sauna, making it the perfect first stop in your relaxation journey.

Take in the beauty of nature while the heat of the panorama sauna stimulates your blood circulation. Opt for a full experience and attend one of our infusion sessions. The mix of water and essential oils gives your body intense heat waves and that ultimate zen feeling.

Temperature95 ° C
Casting sessions
Breathtaking views

Take a seat and enjoy the breathtaking view of The White Oak's modern garden full of beautiful slopes and organic shapes.

Leave the whole spa behind and turn your gaze completely to nature while the sauna does its job.

Neem de schoonheid van de natuur in je op terwijl de hitte van de panoramasauna je bloedcirculatie stimuleert. Kies voor een volledige ervaring en woon een van onze opgietsessies bij. De mix van water en etherische oliën bezorgen je lichaam intense hittegolven en dat ultieme zen gevoel.

Neem de schoonheid van de natuur in je op terwijl de hitte van de panoramasauna je bloedcirculatie stimuleert. Kies voor een volledige ervaring en woon een van onze opgietsessies bij. De mix van water en etherische oliën bezorgen je lichaam intense hittegolven en dat ultieme zen gevoel.